5D artist tools

5D Artist Must-Have Tools

5D artist not only has a wealth of experience in diamond painting, but also has a very high practical ability. Is it difficult to become an artist? Not difficult. Why? Because this diamond painting art is not only easy and pleasant, but it is also an activity that everyone can complete. Even if you are a painter with no foundation, you can learn quickly according to the instructions.

Make Diamond Paintings

Generally, 5D artist making speed is not only fast, but also very smooth. We think the main reason is that they practice regularly. Next, we will take you through their process of making diamond paintings.

5D artist
  1. Unfold the canvas and fix its four corners with tape. This approach not only prevents the canvas from curling, but also saves time.
  2. Fill the grooved tray with monochromatic diamonds. Before making it, think about the color of the diamond to be used.
  3. Pick up the diamond with a tool pen and paste it on the corresponding area of ??the canvas. Please note that we must ensure that each diamond is perfectly fixed on the canvas. If the tool pen is not sticky, apply wax glue.
  4. Fill the canvas until it is finished.
  5. Mount and save.
5D artist tools

Simply put, the process of making diamond paintings is the same for everyone. But in the choice of tools, artists are very different from everyone.

Must-Have Tools

Tools are not only a key role in the production process, but also essential for everyone. For 5D artists, the following tools are their must-have.

1.Lamp Pad
This is an auxiliary tool. When the artist uses this tool, it can not only relieve eye fatigue, but also increase the paste speed. If you choose a large canvas size, you must use this tool.

5D artist Lamp pad

When making, everyone will encounter the problem that the diamond is not neatly attached. Obviously, the appearance of tweezers can help you solve this problem. This tool not only saves you a lot of time, but also makes the artwork more perfect.

3.Small Roller
In addition to the problem that the diamonds are not neatly attached, there are also cases where the diamonds are not fixed perfectly. At this time, the artist will use a small roller to make the diamond fit the canvas more closely.

In short, every painter needs constant practice to become an artist. In this process, you will not only get a happy mood, but also many satisfying artworks. Finally, everyone is welcome to join the diamond painting family.

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