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Diamond Art Is A Fun Activity

Diamond art not only has a rich artistic atmosphere, but also is a fun activity that can be done at home. When you are bored at home, you can try to use diamond art to keep busy. Next, we will introduce it to you.

Diamond Art

Diamond art is not only popular, but also the healthiest activity. Both children and the elderly benefit from it. Why? Because this activity can not only help enhance concentration, but also improve hands-on ability. Is it difficult? Everyone who joins the event thinks it is not only interesting but also easy to learn. You only need to paste the diamond on the canvas with the corresponding character.

diamond art

Create Instructions

We will bring you complete creation instructions, please read them carefully.

diamond art painting
  1. Take out all the items in the diamond painting kit and place them on the table.
  2. Place the canvas on a clean and flat table. This is not only conducive to your creation, but also allows you to get the perfect artwork.
  3. Pour the diamonds into the fluted tray. This not only increases your picking up diamonds speed, but also saves time.
  4. Use single-color diamonds to paste.
  5. Paste the tip of the tool pen with wax to pick up diamonds.
  6. Peel off the protective film of the area to be pasted, and then gently press the diamond on the corresponding character on the canvas.
  7. Repeat the diamond pasting process until it is complete.
diamond art kits

Obviously, the above creation process is very easy to follow. We believe that as long as you join diamond art, you will feel its charm and benefits. Finally, if you still don’t understand the instructions, please leave us a comment below.

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