Do You Know The DIY Diamond Paintings That Have Been Popular Recently?

With the improvement of living standards gradually, “small artworks” such as crystal diamond paintings have entered the public’s field of vision. Have you kept up with the current trend? Do you know DIY diamond painting? In fact, DIY diamond paintings are designed by diamond designers in advance with exquisite patterns. The user uses a point drill tool to extract delicate and shining artificial crystal flat bottom round diamonds or square diamonds, and then puts them in the designated location. Follow this step You can complete a beautiful diamond painting.

Refer to the table on the side of the canvas to find the match diamond number and pour into the point diamond plate
Point the pen tip into the solid glue, dip the solid glue properly
Point the diamond pen to stick the diamond and place the diamond point to the match position on the canvas
Tip: How much to tear the transparent film, do not tear too much, or tear off all at once
The remaining diamonds can be put in sealed bags or DIY to do other goods
After pasting, press with a flat book or hand to ensure that the drill is firmly attached to the canvas

The diamond painting is mainly composed of two parts: one is the base map with diamonds; the other is the diamond.


It is that designers arrange the circles or squares regularly according to a special matrix. Its color may be single or colorful, and designers will adjust the colors of circles and squares according to the effect of the picture. The user only needs to put the corresponding diamond in the corresponding circle or square when making.

The bottom picture of the diamond is a special fabric. If you accidentally get stains, we should wipe them with a wet towel immediately instead of washing directly with water. The diamond painting done by ourselves needs our careful care.


There are many kinds of diamonds used in diamond paintings, glass diamonds, resin diamonds, acrylic diamonds, etc. Different manufacturers will choose different diamonds. When buying diamond paintings, it is appropriate to pay attention to the types of diamonds.
The characteristic of the glass diamond is that it is transparent, can refract light and transmit light, which will make the diamond painting look bright and bright. However, the color of glass diamonds is not abundant, some similar colors are difficult to express, which will make the diamond painting unable to express the desired effect of the pattern. If it is a diamond painting with a single color, a glass diamond is a good choice, and under the illumination of light or sunlight, the glass diamond will emit its due light.
Due to the shortcomings of glass diamonds, resin diamonds were further developed. Resin diamonds have almost no light transmission, but there are more than 400 colors, the colors can be expressed very well. Even with more complex patterns, using resin diamonds can make the patterns more delicate.

resin diamonds

Finally, the acrylic diamond is more expensive than the resin diamond, but the integrity of the acrylic diamond is very good, there is no burr and notch and the color will not fade, but its color is only more than 300 kinds, which is less than the resin diamond.
Different diamonds have different advantages and disadvantages. At present, more resin diamonds are used in the market, which are abundant in color and relatively cheap. But you can also choose different types of diamonds according to the pattern.

The production of diamond painting is very simple, it is no exaggeration to say that it is suitable for all ages. For young children, they can develop their ability to distinguish colors and hands-on skills (tip: It is safer for children to make diamond paintings with their parents); for teenagers, they can cultivate their concentration; for middle-aged people, It can be used to relieve stress; for the elderly, it can be used as a pastime in life. Every age can find their own happiness.

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