Do You WantTo Send A Diamond Painting To Your Child As A Gift For Children’s Day?

If you don’t know what children ’s day gift you want to give your child, you can consider a diamond painting. For children, as long as they can receive gifts, they are very happy. But as a parent, you need to choose gifts that are beneficial to your child’s growth. Diamond painting can not only cultivate the hands-on ability that children currently lack, but also enhance children’s understanding of colors, and even promote emotional communication between you and your children.

However, it is very important to choose which type of diamond painting. You have to make different choices for different children. Then let’s first understand the size of the diamond painting. The sizes of diamond paintings are diverse, ranging from as small as 20 cm* 30 cm to as large as 160 cm*100 cm. But generally speaking, the smaller the canvas size, the less the details of the diamond painting image. The larger the canvas size, the clearer the diamond painting picture and the more complete the details. Therefore, when buying diamonds paintings, choose the type that best suits your child.

1) Small Size

The canvas for small-sized diamond paintings is generally 30 cm * 20 cm, 30 cm * 40 cm, etc. This size of diamond painting is more suitable for children playing diamond painting for the first time. The details of this type of diamond painting may be rough, but the child’s sense of accomplishment will also be strong after completing it alone.

small size : 20cm*25cm
small size : 28cm*36cm

2) Medium Size

There are many types of medium-sized canvas, the smallest is 40 cm * 40 cm, the largest is 80 cm * 60 cm, it can also choose a variety of patterns, if the child is playing diamond painting for the first time, parents can help them complete the diamond painting. This process will increase the understanding between family members, and there will be more emotional exchanges. The final diamond painting will also be relatively beautiful, it is recommended that you can choose this size.

medium size:40cm*50cm
medium size:50cm*60cm
medium size:50cm*75cm

3) Large Size And Over Large Size

The reason for putting the large size and the oversized size together is because these two sizes are suitable for a large number of people to complete together. The size of this canvas is usually 90 cm* 60 cm or 90 cm * 90 cm, and the oversized canvas is even 160 cm * 100 cm. Diamond paintings of this size are usually extremely detailed and require a lot of patience, and are more suitable for older children who are more skilled in operation.

size : 60cm*90cm
size : 75cm*100cm

The above are several common sizes of diamond paintings, you can choose the most suitable size according to the age and practical ability of the child. At the same time, there is a small tip to tell you that when choosing a diamond painting pattern, you can not just look at the sample picture. More importantly, you need to look at the finished effect picture. The sample picture may be a high-definition big picture. If it is simply a landscape painting type of diamond painting, the canvas size does not need to be too large, because the details of this type of diamond painting are not high, and the canvas size does not have a large requirement for the final pixel of the diamond painting; If it is a pattern with many characters. It is recommended that you choose a diamond painting with a larger canvas size. The character’s figure can be portrayed more specifically.The number of figures can also determine the size of the diamond painting to be selected.

select the canvas size according to the content of the diamond painting

However, given you want to give your child a diamond painting as a gift for Children’s Day, you may wish to refer to your child’s opinions on the choice of patterns. The choices made by children because of their love will make them more motivated to complete such a diamond painting.

Finally , I wish you all a happy children’s day, always young, always innocent.

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