Problems To Avoid Before Custom Diamond Painting

Custom diamond painting is not only convenient, but also allows you to get the most unique diamond image. Whether you want to customize a family portrait or a wedding photo, the seller can provide it. So, what problems do you need to avoid before customizing? You will find the answer from the following.

Custom Size

Custom diamond painting not only allows you to choose the best size, but also allows you to get the most perfect artwork. Why customize? We believe that customization can satisfy most people’s pursuit of perfect art. It is worth mentioning that this customization process is not only easy but also very time-saving. Because you only need to communicate with the seller to be sure. However, please note that you must choose a customized image in advance, so that you will get the diamond painting more quickly.

custom diamond painting

Choose A Type

This type refers to diamond painting. There are two types of diamond paintings: 3D and 5D. For those who are looking for more exquisite diamond paintings, choosing the 5D type is their first choice. Simply put, 5D is not only closer to reality, but also more shiny. Although it has a three-dimensional effect compared to 3D, it is not as shiny as 5D.

Kit Tools

This kit is an important tool for creating artworks. Therefore, before custom diamond painting, you need to understand the tools in the kit. It mainly includes: tool pen, canvas, diamond, glue and diamond storage box. But we recommend that you buy the same size frame to save the canvas.

custom diamond painting 5d

Obviously, the canvas saved with the frame is not only easy to maintain, but also more attractive. From a certain perspective, it will be a real artwork. Finally, we want to say that the artwork obtained through customization is definitely unparalleled. We hope that the content of this article can help you make a reference, and wish you a relaxed customization process.

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