5D make diamond paintings

Step By Step To Make Diamond Paintings

Make diamond paintings is not only a relatively easy process but also allows you to get artwork quickly. But for those who do not understand it, it may be difficult to complete the make. So, today I will bring you a description of the distribution of diamond paintings.

Set Diamond Painting

Before you officially make it, you need to arrange the making space and tools of diamond paintings in advance.

make diamond paintings
  1. Space
    Depending on the size of the canvas, you need to find a flat desktop first. This kind of desktop should not only be clean and flat but also have a certain accommodating capacity. Because in addition to placing the canvas, you also have to arrange the rest of the painting tools.
  2. Tools
    No matter what brand kit you choose, the content is similar. Including canvas, diamond, diamond pick-up pen, tray, and wax (gel).

Additional note: Putting painting tools in advance will not only save time but also make your making process smoother.

Make Diamond Paintings

The process of making diamond paintings step by step is not only easy to follow but also improves your speed.

make diamond paintings art
  1. Tile the canvas. After laying the canvas on the desktop, you can refer to the characters above to determine your next step.
  2. Pour out the diamond. Once you have determined the diamond you want to use, you can pour the corresponding diamond into the tray.
  3. Tear off the protective film. Please be careful not to tear them all at once, but step by step.
  4. Wax the tip of the pen. You only need to wax the tip of the diamond pick-up pen when filling the diamond. This not only helps you pick up diamonds easily but also saves some time.
  5. Start making. In the follow-up process, you only need to repeat waxing and pasting these two actions. In this process, you must not only maintain a calm heart but also be careful.
  6. Save the artwork. Frame the picture with a frame. This method not only helps to maintain the canvas but also makes it an ornament.
5D make diamond paintings

Obviously, the step-by-step process is easy to complete. In short, I hope that after reading this article, you can help you have an entry-level understanding of making diamond paintings. Finally, I wish you an enjoyable making process.

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